My Family

Lee & Jaclyn Chavers


Lee and Jaclyn of Brandon, Mississippi are both graphic artists.  Lee is a Unix System Administrator and Jaclyn is a Marketing Director.  They were married in 2011.  Everyone, meet Levi!!!!  The last name with the funny pronunciation has moved to another generation ;-).




Robert & Brittany Chavers


Robert is Creative Director for a record label on Music Row in Nashville, TN, and Brittany is a bookkeeper in Nashville.  They were married in 2014.  You can see the video of their wedding on this site, a lovely affair in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains.  This is from the 2016 CMT Awards where he was nominated.  Check out Roberts CMT nominated video here…




Rebecca Chavers


Rebecca currently lives in Little Rock, after completing studies at the University of Central Arkansas.  She is the “mom” of a Miniature Pincher, named Maggie.





Cathy Chavers


I have got to be the luckiest person in the world.  May, 2017 marks 39 years of marriage for us.  Cathy is the anchor of our family.  Along with her professional work in nursing, she is the mother of our great children, a pastor’s wife, and spiritually gifted in areas that make me look like the greatest person in the world.  Plus she was gracious enough to share the same birthday with me so I won’t have trouble remembering it!




Cody Chavers

Cody has been in our family for over seven years.  In the fall of 2015, he blew a disk in his back, and had to have a spinal surgery.  We are still praying that he will walk again, and we are seeing progress, but he is still happy and a great friend to us.

UPDATE!  The Christmas gift that we received for Christmas 2016 was gift of Cody beginning walk, 15 months after his injury.  He is getting stronger every day.  In fact, he is now running in the back yard to chase those evil squirrels out of our yard.  He is starting to learn to jump onto the sofa (while we are trying to discourage that to protect his back – but just doesn’t get that!).  He is far from normal – with a long way to go, but he is a miracle in so many ways!