Sermon Samples

At my old site, I had some sermon samples that were both video and audio only.  As I said on my home page, this is a new type of site, and I am still learning how to control everything on it.

If you will drop me an email at, I will gladly mail you a CD or two of some preaching samples.  I have a video online that was recorded several years ago, and I can send a DVD of that as well if you would like.  Finally, I have some of my sermon notes that I preached in November 2013, so you can see what I preach from.  If there are grammatical errors, please excuse!  These were speaking notes, and not read from word for word, so (I hope) they made more sense spoken than read.  Again, drop me an email (, and I will gladly shoot you some physical discs.

God bless!


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